CALIBR8 is our signature leadership development program. It features a 360-degree, multi-rater assessment, which allows participants to measure their performance against 18 essential leadership skills based on feedback from those who have first-hand observations of their knowledge, skills, behaviors, and abilities on the job.

To supplement the data from this assessment, participants are provided personalized coaches, opportunities to participate in both formal and action learning programs, and a platform for networking and leadership development. As a result of this program, participants will:

  1. Gain new perspectives from leadership insights to enable them to adopt success behaviors and acquire the competencies that consistently drive business results for their organization.
  2. Broaden their leadership skills repertoire to increase effectiveness, bolster team productivity and garner greater recognition from executive leaders and peers.
  3. Develop a comprehensive leadership and career management strategy along with the support network to help them realize executive leadership aspirations.