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CALIBR is a leadership and members network dedicated to accelerating the careers of mid to senior level executives.

We’re here to help you take your leadership abilities to the next level.

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Through specialized training, coaching, and networking opportunities, we give our members the tools they need to take the next step in their career. Together we work on all aspects of leadership – from understanding boardroom dynamics, to developing your emotional intelligence, to learning how to inspire your team. You’re ready to make the leap.

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Alen Jones

Director, Manufacturing
Manufacturing Excellence
Consumer Packaging

My most meaningful experience with CALIBR continues to be the career coaching program. As I’ve grown within CALIBR and at my company, the guidance from my career coach remains agile and relevant to my current situation while making sure that I stay aligned to the longer-term goals we’ve set.

CALIBR has taught me to understand and bring my full self to the table as I continue my leadership journey – my performance is important but other components such as my network, outside activities and personal fulfillment are all key in becoming a strong leader with longevity.

The networking and exposure you receive from CALIBR is invaluable.

Bob Marshall

Business Growth Strategy Executive, Small Business Development Wells Fargo

The CALIBR experiment peers me with other very strong leaders of color across industries to share,

learn, and grow professionally. CALIBR helped me understand and accelerate how to exercise my agency, as well as how to move beyond cultural mediocrity to advance professionally. As a global network, CALIBR creates an open and dynamic ecosystem that fosters learning and growth in a safe environment.

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Our Partnerships

JUN 7-9

2023 CALIBR Summer Leadership Development Conference and Global Executive Forum

As a reminder, this year's leadership development theme is PROGRESSING PERFORMANCE WHILE PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH. Along with learning strategies and tips to help you advance to higher leadership levels, this meeting will also give you the tools to set personal wellness goals and create a more balanced lifestyle.

Here's the select programming that you can look forward to:

  1. CEO and author, Dr. Randall Pinkett, will discuss innovative and measurable DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) solutions that lead to a more just society and more equity in corporate America. He is the of Data-Driven DEI and co-author of the book “Black Faces in White Places” and “Black Faces in High Places.”
  2. A fireside chat with Cecilia Rabess, author of Everything's Fine
  3. Black ERG Leader Summit
  4. Executive Wellness Fitness Programming
  5. Master Networking Session