Organizational Culture Transformation

Your people are the most important resource you have. And we believe that having diverse voices at the table benefits everyone. That is why we actively invest in our members and communities.

What is your company’s business case for culture transformation?

  • Does it include diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?
  • Is DEI seen as a strategic advantage to drive innovation and growth?
  • Does it account for reaching Black consumers, who have a $1.3 trillion spending power in the U.S. alone?
  • Does it consider how you will benefit from an inclusive corporate culture?
  • Are there strategies to attract and promote Black talent in leadership roles, and ensure your workforce reflects this market?

In the next normal, DEI will continue to drive innovation in the consumer product goods and retail industries

  • To remain resilient, all companies must make DEI a business imperative and strategic priority.
  • Diverse consumer segments are rising and represent significant growth opportunities.
  • Companies that proactively develop DEI have a
    competitive advantage.

How CALIBR helps senior leaders and Black mid-level talent enable corporate cultural transformation:

CALIBR’s will help senior leaders and Black mid-level talent facilitate and champion cultural transformation by…

  • Assessing and contributing to their company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion infrastructure
  • Learning leadership practices that create the conditions necessary for sustained diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Developing an inclusive leadership mindset, behaviors, and action plans for more equitable and inclusive team and organizational cultures
  • Advancing careers of Black talent through effective allyship, self-authorship, and career agency
  • Practicing and promoting career agency
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