About Us

CALIBR is a leadership development organization and professional membership network dedicated to accelerating readiness of senior, mid-level Black executives for senior executive roles, through specialized training, coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities that give members access to the best practices that drive business success. CALIBR members are sought after throughout corporate America because of their preparation to step into senior executive roles.

CALIBR Global Leadership Network is a membership organization and leadership network of black mid-level executives who are team leaders or senior individual contributors that offers networking and leadership development opportunities for diverse mid-career managers. Our mission is to provide the resources, tools, and networking opportunities to support the career advancement interests of our members, as well as to compliment and support the talent retention efforts of businesses seeking to keep high performing team members with senior-executive-potential engaged.


Originally founded as NextGen Network, CALIBR has evolved to keep pace with the needs of a more professionally seasoned member network and our corporate partners, who are seeking to engage and retain diverse high potential talent. Today, we are a network of individuals who strive to embody those key transformative qualities of Character, Agility, Leadership, Integrity, Breadth, and Reputation.


CALIBR is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and an affiliate of The Executive Leadership Council (ELC), the nation’s premier network of African American senior leaders in Fortune 500 firms.

CALIBR helps to move careers from good to great. We aim to ensure career excellence and longevity. In pursuit of this aspiration, we vet and curate best-in-class tools and resources for our members. We also produce forums to facilitate the relationships that ensure our members are prepared to consistently deliver results for their organizations.


If you are quite accomplished and enjoy a great career, but feel ready for that next level of success, CALIBR is for you. Or if you are responsible for talent in your organization and part of your charge is keeping your high potentials engaged, CALIBR can be a tremendous resource. For both the mid-career executive and the HR professional, CALIBR provides a compelling and well thought-out process that strengthens a long-term career strategy and complements succession planning.

Through CALIBR’s Leadership Development programming high potential global black leaders:  

  • Gain new perspectives from leadership insights to enable them to adopt success behaviors and acquire the competencies that consistently drive business results for their organizations.
  • Broaden their leadership skills repertoire to increase effectiveness, bolster team productivity and garner greater recognition from executive leaders and peers.
  • Develop a comprehensive leadership and career management strategy along with the support network to help them realize executive leadership aspirations.

What is CALIBR and when was it founded?

Founded in 1999 as NextGen Network, CALIBR is a membership organization and professional network dedicated to accelerating the careers of mid-to-senior level African-American executives and ensuring that corporate America has access to a diverse executive pipeline. CALIBR provides leadership development training, coaching, formal and informal mentoring and a powerful network of peers across many industries in order to give all network members access to the best practices that drive business success.


In 2012, CALIBR unveiled the calibr8 leadership development curriculum in an effort to formalize the best practices that have catalyzed the careers of so many CALIBR members over the organization’s first dozen years.


What prompted NextGen Network to change its name to CALIBR?
Simply put, the NextGen name no longer fit.


When the organization started, our members were waiting for their chance-the opportunity to take the next steps in their careers. A dozen years later, we have arrived. We are Directors, Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents. We’re not just the next generation of leaders; we’re leading now, and we wanted a name that would convey that change.


We began by looking inward, determining the shared values that bind us together, and focusing on what was most important to present to the world. We identified six values that we believe every CALIBR member should embody: Character, Agility, Leadership, Integrity, Breadth and Reputation.


These values remind each of us what CALIBR stands for, what our responsibility is to each other, and why we’re here.


What is CALIBR’s membership selection process?

Membership eligibility is based on a competitive process that assesses an applicant’s professional, academic and civic accomplishments, as well as their potential for advancement to the most senior roles in business. There is an annual application process for individual applicants. Separately, CALIBR partner organizations may nominate employees for membership based on the same criteria for individual applicants.


What is the makeup of the organization?



What is the relationship between The Executive Leadership Council and CALIBR?
CALIBR was created to facilitate engagement between members of The Executive Leadership Council and the next generation of corporate senior leaders. That relationship has flourished through mentoring, formal workshops and other leadership and professional development activities.


Where is CALIBR located and are there local chapters?
CALIBR is a national membership organization headquartered in Washington, DC. There are no chapters.


Who are CALIBR’s major partners?
Prudential Financial is CALIBR’s lead sponsor. Marriott International and a number of other Fortune 500 firms also partner with CALIBR to develop programming that supports members in their career and life pursuits.